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Hexagon photo collage

With our hexagon collage you'll create a unique atmosphere in your house in no time. The shape and appearance of the hexagons are sleek, but at the same time also playful because they are separate elements. You can continue to expand your collage or easily replace images over time. This way your wall grows with you!

Create and combine

You are the designer! To put one photo in the spotlight, you can go for a single image behind the entire hexagon collage. But you can also have a different image printed on every hexagon. Mix your own photos with our cool images, colorful illustrations, trend colors or inspiring quotes.
Do you find it difficult to fully create a beautiful design yourself? We are happy to help you. Be surprised and inspired by a variety of designs that our interior stylists have already created with love for you.

How do I attach the hexagons

The good news is, you don't have to drill. You can easily attach the hexagons to the wall using our clever adhesive strips. We deliver these for free with your order. You can attach the hexagons on all types of surfaces; from smooth stucco to wallpaper and wood.
We also provide handy molds to get your design on your wall. This makes hanging your hexagon collage a piece of cake. In addition, the molds ensure that the space between your hexagons is the same everywhere. Watch our video here.

Three materials, each with its own appearance

Our hexagon collages can be ordered in forex, aluminum and plexiglass. From basic, tough and matt to luxurious and glossy.
Choose the material that suits your style and interior.

Curious about the hexagon collage on your wall?

We have created a handy tool for you. Take a picture of where you want to hang your wall decoration. You upload this photo into our design tool after which you can see your creation live on your wall. That way you are sure you have made a good choice!

Now it's deJouwe's turn

Once your order is placed, we will bring your creation to life. We do this with great care, modern machines and techniques and always with a touch of love! Because we love beautiful products just like you.